Pascal Silman

Pascal Silman

New Year’s Eve Dinner: Delights to Toast to a Special Beginning

The New Year gives us the opportunity to bid farewell to the past year with gratitude and welcome what is to come with a memorable celebration. If you’re looking for ideas to create a special dinner for your loved ones, here’s a menu full of flavours that symbolise hope, prosperity and love.

Appetizers that Start the Party

Start with appetizers that excite the palate, how about cherry tomato skewers with bocconcini and fresh basil? Or perhaps some crab tartlets with avocado to surprise from the start.

Main courses that impress

At the main table, go for a dish that takes centre stage. A mushroom and herb crusted steak Wellington or a honey glazed salmon loin with honey and Dijon mustard would be standout choices.

Agueros to Attract Good Fortune

Integrating omens in the evening meal is a tradition in many cultures. Grapes, for example, are a symbolic element. In Spain, twelve grapes are eaten at midnight, each representing a wish for each month of the coming year. In other countries, such as Mexico, one grape is eaten with each chime of the clock.

Or how about adding a more traditional touch? Many opt for dishes that evoke fortune and prosperity. Consider including lentils, which symbolise abundance, as this is a good ritual to attract good luck.

Garnishes to Complement the Feast

Accompany main dishes with delicious side dishes. Try roasted mashed potatoes with garlic and rosemary, carrots glazed in honey and ginger, or a fresh green salad with nuts and goat cheese.

Desserts that Sweeten the New Year

The perfect finale: desserts that sweeten hearts. A fresh seasonal fruit tart, a chocolate soufflé with raspberry sauce or a trifle of red fruits will be the final delight.

Prosperity Toast with Elegant Drinks

Don’t forget to select the right drinks to accompany the evening. Opt for a good sparkling wine, signature cocktails such as the classic Martini or a fruit punch to toast to the new beginning.

Festive Atmosphere to Welcome the New Year

Decorate the table with festive elements: bright centrepieces, scented candles and something to reflect the festive spirit of the coming year.

Let this dinner be not only a gastronomic experience, but also a moment to bring joy, harmony and prosperity.


Happy New Year!