team Pascal Silman

Dish Presentation Secrets: Transform Your Creations with Style

Dish presentation is an art that goes beyond simply serving food on a plate; it is an opportunity to express creativity, awaken the senses and transform a meal into a memorable experience. How to achieve this? Here are a few tips I have gathered throughout my career as a chef:   Choice of Crockery: Selecting […]

Organic Salmon Escalope: A dream culinary experience

Autumn is like the springtime of winter, when the trees unfurl their dazzling palette of colours to give way to the blossoming of the mushrooms. For passionate cooks, it is a particularly sensual season, full of aromas and nuances that transport us like a mirror to the first days of spring, with its faint glow […]

Exploring the Luxury of Caviar: My Culinary Passion

In the culinary world, there are ingredients that transcend the ordinary to become true treasures. Caviar is undoubtedly one of these gastronomic treasures that I have always incorporated into my recipes and culinary plans. From its origins in ancient Persia to its prominent place on the tables of gourmets around the world, caviar has remained […]

The Magic of Food and Wine Pairing

Discover how to select the perfect wine to complement your food and how this pairing can elevate your dining experience. Discovering the magic of wine and food pairing is a fascinating world that can transform your meals into extraordinary culinary experiences. The careful choice of wine for pairing can profoundly influence the way food is […]

Pumpkin Risotto: An Autumn Feast on Your Table

With the arrival of autumn, a world of flavours and colours opens up, inspiring us to create delicious dishes with seasonal ingredients. Today, I want to share with you a recipe that celebrates the star of this season: pumpkin.    Get ready for a feast of flavours with my Pumpkin Risotto with Aged Pecorino Pepper, […]

Preparing a Healthy Halloween: Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Hello everyone! Halloween season is approaching, and as a personal chef, I want to share with you a special recipe to celebrate in a delicious and healthy way. This time, I present to you some pumpkin oatmeal biscuits that are simply irresistible. Not only are they a treat for the palate, but they are also […]

Why Hire a Private Chef?

In vacation paradises, all restaurants claim to be true culinary temples. Sometimes it’s true, other times it’s just a façade. During the summer in the Balearic Islands, Marbella or Costa Brava the influx of tourists can put island logistics to the test. Consider that when the crowds gather, even the most peaceful places become noisy, […]