Pascal Silman

Pascal Silman

Dish Presentation Secrets: Transform Your Creations with Style

Dish presentation is an art that goes beyond simply serving food on a plate; it is an opportunity to express creativity, awaken the senses and transform a meal into a memorable experience. How to achieve this? Here are a few tips I have gathered throughout my career as a chef:


Choice of Crockery: Selecting the right plates, bowls and platters is crucial. Minimalist designs, as well as neutral coloured tableware, can highlight the food without being distracting.


Think Colours and Contrasts: Play with a palette of vibrant colours and captivating contrasts. Colourful and varied food appeals to the eye and whets the appetite – remember, the eyes eat too!


Textures and Heights: The combination of textures on a plate adds visual and sensory interest. Experiment with crunchy, soft, creamy and juicy. Also, play with different heights to create depth in presentation.

Asymmetrical Distribution and White Space: Don’t be afraid to move the elements on the plate asymmetrically. White space can be as important as the food, creating visual balance and avoiding cluttering the plate.


Edible Decorations: Use fresh herbs, edible flowers or microgreens as decoration. They add freshness and an attractive aesthetic touch.


Details that Make a Difference: Include finishing touches such as drops of sauce, spice powder or fresh herbs. These little touches can enhance the overall look and add a personal touch to your dishes.


Dish presentation is an art that allows you to transform food into an aesthetic and sensory experience, let’s say it is the culmination of your culinary creativity and effort. Experiment, have fun and let your style shine through your dishes. 


Surprise your diners with an unforgettable visual and gastronomic experience!